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How to Turn off Windows Updates in Windows 8


What Are Windows Updates?

Windows Updates are actually meant for safety of your system. These updates are latest security measures which Microsoft develops. If your Windows updates are automatic then Microsoft keeps sending you these updates so that your PC keep running safer and smoother.

Windows Updates Impact On PC

Windows updates are not good for the PC (Personal Computer) as personal computers have usually hard drives of 500 to terabyte (maximum). So if updates are automatic then Microsoft will keep sending you these updates on daily basis and it will consume your hard drive's space and hence it will cover a large size of your drive. So you should turn off your system's windows updates if it is for personal or home use.

How To Turn Off Windows Updates
Just Follow the following simple steps which are demonstrated by screen shots to turn off Windows Updates.

1: Open Charms. To open Charms appears when you move your mouse courser to right corner and then come back to left by clicking. You can also Open Charms by using Shortcut Keys given below
Windows key + C
 To learn more about Charms visit this LINK

2:Go to settings option in last.

3:Click on "Change PC settings"


4:A new window will appear on which there will be personalize settings on right side and PC settings on right side. You have to deal with right bar. Click on last option i.e "Update and Recovery"

5: Now you have "Update and Recovery"menu. Select first option. i.e Windows Update.

6: Now select "Never Check For Updates"the last option in first box and hit apply.

You have done!

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