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Some Features In Windows 8 You Should Know


You Can Add Start Menu In Windows 8

As we know that all users of windows 8 face problem of not having start Menu. But know Microsoft has launched an update of Windows 8 i.e you can convert windows 8 to 8.1. Update of windows contains start menu. Click Here to Get Update of Windows 8.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys Of Windows 8

Windows 8 has a lot of Shortcut keys. If you know about them you can easily use windows 8 and it will be friendly to you.

  • Windows key + D = Desktop
  • Windows key + X = Power User menu ( you can go to device manager command prompt etc. through power menu)
  • Windows key + I = Settings
  • Windows key + Tab Button = Show Open applications in different Tabs
  • Windows key + Prntscr (Print Screen) = Take Screen Shot.
  • Windows Key + C = Charms


What is Power User Menu?

Power User Menu is a menu from where you can access in other menus of user like Command and prompt, Device Manger.

What is Charms?

Microsoft introduces a new feature in Windows i.e Charms. "The menu which appears when we press window + C is called Charms menu" This menu contains Search, share, start, devices and settings options. We can go to all these further menus after clicking on their icons. It also appears when you move your mouse courser to right corner and then come back to left.

 The Red highlighted bar is charms.

 Apps in Windows 8e
In windows 8 there is another amazing feature of apps. MS introduces apps in windows 8 which appears in start menu. These apps contains Weather, calender, Internet Explorer, Store, Entertainment like Music, Games, Camera etc. You can also download Apps of windows 8 form

SkyDrive Feature

You can share your files, pics, videos, etc. with SkyDrive app in Windows 8. This sharing can be done with all those computers which are connected with internet and have Cloud. The term cloud is used for network or number of computers connected with each other. The files in SkyDrive are not saved in your system but are saved on internet so that in case of any mishap these files remain protected.

Install ISO files Directly
In windows 8 you have no need of burning software like Alcohol etc. to install ISO file after creating an image. But in windows 8 you can install ISO file directly following simple steps:
  1. Right Click on ISO file
  2. Click on first option i.e "Mount"
  3. Images will appear. Install the setup you want to install.

New Task Manager

Task manager of windows 8 is best of all the previous task managers. Task manager of windows 8 is modified completely. All tabs like performance, Process, App history, Start up, Users, Details, Services all get some extra features.

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