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How to change Favicon of Your Blog


In this article you will learn "How to change favicon of your Blog". But first you should know what is Favicon.

What Is Favicon?

Favicon is the Sign or pic that appears in the tab upper to your Address bar. You can say that it is the sign of your Blog or website. After Favicon tittle of your website appears.
favicon of graspinfo

How To Change Favicon Of Your Blog?

You have to follow the following simple steps to alter the favicon sign.

1: First of all decide the image you want to make Favicon.

2: Go to

3: Browse the image you want to make the favicon and click on "Create Favicon" and download the generated favcion.
(It will convert the dimension of image to "16x16"remember if you have already an image of size 16x16 then you have no need to follow 3rd step.)

4: Go to Blogger → Layout and click on "Edit" of the favicon tab.

5: Now browse the location of generated favicon and hit save. Click on save settings you have done.

Trouble Shoot

After changing the favicon it will not appear when you open your blog. It is because your browser have saved the previous history and cache memory. So just restart your browser i.e close and then open again and see your blog favicon will be changed. If it does not change just delete cache, history and cookies and then see again favicon will be changed.

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