Thursday, 12 February 2015

Heading Tag In HTML with Example


Making Headings in HTML:

We use various HTML tags for styling the text. Tags use for Headings are
<h1>, <h2> ,<h3> and so on and there ending tags are </h1>, </h2> ,</h3> respectively. when you apply starting tag at starting of some word or line and it's ending tag at end of that word or line then this would be a heading.
For Example:

Heading Tag Application:-

1: <h1> We are applying Heading Tag </h1>
2: <h2> We are applying sub-heading tag </h2> and so on.



We are applying Heading Tag


 We are applying sub-heading tag

Go to HTML Text Editor to test

You can further make sub headings by using tags <h3> <h4> and their ending tags </h3> </h4>

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