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Unblock Youtube and Other Blocked Sites Using ZenMate Plugin


Blocking of various websites specially YouTube has become a major problem for common user as well as blogger or other professionals earning from E-commerce. YouTube is useful source for advertisement and earning purpose and no doubt is the biggest site for videos.  But due to some reasons it is blocked in different regions. To unblock various sites including Youtube  users use different proxy which involves Hotspot Sheild, SpotFlux and others. But they have some major problems.

Problems Of Proxy

When you apply proxy using softwares like Hotsop Sheild you face following problems usually.

  • IT slow down your browsing speed
  • Make your computer to work slow.
  • Made their own device in computer which effects your computer
  • Show irritating Ads
But ZenMate Plugin can solve these problems.

What is ZenMate?

ZenMate is a plugin which is installed in your browser. It needs no setup or device to made in your system. It simply appears on your browser and you can use it when ever you want.

How It Works?

It works also works as a proxy but as compared to all softwares it is best. You can unblock Youtube and other websites using ZenMate plugin by simply enabling it. After installing, it appears on upper right bar of your browser if you are talking about Firefox. You have to turn on it by clicking it and it will change your IP Address so that you can unblock websites.

How to Install ZenMate Plugin?

To Install ZenMate Plugin Follow these simple steps.
(This tutorial is for Firefox you can add this plugin on other browsers from their own adds on sites)

Steps To Install ZenMate Plugin

1: Open this link

2: Click on "Add to Firefox"

3:Click on "Install now" in the new window of software installation.

4: After installation click on ZenMate Icon and switch it to on.

You have done. Unblock websites and enjoy!

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