Saturday, 15 November 2014

How to Start Blogging - Beginners guide


What is Blogging?

Blog means "add new material to or regularly update a blog" or
write about (an event, situation, topic, etc.) in Blog. So blogging means to write about some thing in your webpage.

Why You Should Start Blogging?
If you want to live a dot com life style then you should start Blogging without wasting your time. Bloggers are earning seven digits earning per month and hence they are millionaire.

How to Start Blogging?
1:To start Free Blogging You should have your Google account. If you don't have yet your Google account then signup to
2:Now Log on to and sign in there with your Gmail account
3:After clicking on Create a new Blog, new window will appear on your screen where you have to choose Blog's Title, Address and Template.


In title field, type the text which you want to assign your Blog. Title should be unique and good. It should not be too large. You Should write 1 or 2 words in title. This title will be shown on the tab after favicon.
Example: Title of is Wikipedia.


In address field write the address you want to assign to your blog.
Example: but this address should be available i.e "should not be taken already by someone else.


Now choose template. Template is actually design of blog. It contains Header, side bars, space for widgets. You should choose template according to your Blog topic. i.e simple if it is for articles dynamic if it is meant for wallpapers etc. You can also get templates from other websites like and

You have created your Blog

Click on create Blog and you have done. Now you should start Postings and build audience.

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